About Stick War: Legacy Fan Site

Stick War: Legacy is the fifth iteration of the widely popular Stick War franchise. Max Game Studios created this game. They are the same game developers behind other Stick War titles and indie PC games as well.

In this game, you will play the position of a commander. And as the leader, you have to manage and direct your army to fight off other armies! The ultimate goal is to gain more territories for their civilization. This also includes acquiring precious resources that can further improve the might of their bases!




This page covers the different features of Stick War: Legacy that is commonly available for players. This includes the different game modes that can be expected upon starting the game. Moreover, there are also tips and guides for some of the Stick War: Legacy gameplay to improve players’ win-loss record. That’s on top of getting familiar with the various elements of army building, resource management, and unit or gameplay tactics.

This way, players would have a better understanding when it comes to strategizing which army troops are the best options to use, and how much resources they should invest to get that awesome win against opposing factions. To play the game on PC, you can download it for free here!