What Are The Available Units in Stick War: Legacy?

Stick War Legacy Units

The core gameplay of Stick War: Legacy revolves around managing your resources that would allow you to train the best army units in your civilization. A strong unit would make defending your territory or storming your enemy’s base an easy affair!

In the Campaign Mode, you will be introduced to the different nations that want to overthrow your rule and claim the Nation of Order for their own. In the other modes, these nations’ units are the ones you can use for your army. As far as standard units are concerned, you can train the following units:

Stick War Legacy PC Game



True to their namesake, these are the basic workers that collect ore and other resources that you need to access and train other units. Miners are the only units that can harvest gold for armies. They use a pickaxe and a sack that can be upgraded to allow them to gather more gold at a faster rate.

In terms of combat, Miners are the weakest units in the game. They have little HP and their attack damage is weak. It is best to not use them for battle unless you don’t have any other units.


These units are the standard melee units in Stick War: Legacy. They are the lowest-costing attack units and are a good early to mid-game option for offense and defense since players can amass a lot of them for their army as long as their resources can allow it. While a single Swordwrath can be in trouble against a higher-level unit, a squad of Swordwrath units can take down higher level fighters such as the Spearton and Giants.


Archidons are the ranged units in Stick War: Legacy. They can attack enemies from a long-range and can become a handful when players train a lot of them. During battles, Archidons are effective secondary units that help melee units pressure the opposition. That said, Archidons are notoriously weak when tanky units can get close to them.


Speartons are the tanky units in the game. They are capable of soaking tremendous amounts of damage while also dishing out the same punishment. Thanks to their heavy armor, they can withstand blows and arrows until they can reach the assailants with their spears.

They can also either thrust and skewer opponents or throw their spears at a set distance for massive damage. However, they are more expensive than other units, and having a lot of Speartons in your army usually means you have the match in the bag.


Magikill are powerful mages that use spells to summon creatures and stun enemy units. Their summon ability is a great addition to your army since it helps replenish any downed units for free. Their stunning spells also help sway the tide of battle to your favor should they manage to hit enemies with it. That said, Magikill are expensive units, and they usually struggle against ranged units. Their spells also take a bit of time to cast which leaves them vulnerable to enemy units.


Merics are the support units in Stick War: Legacy. They specialize in healing units to allow them to keep on fighting. Similar to Magikill, they are rather squishy and are usually effective when you’ve amassed a sizable force that can take the hits on behalf of Merics.

Knowing which unit to build is essential since resources are precious in this game. It is up to you to choose which mix of melee, ranged, tank, and support units give the right feel for your army. Ideally, it is best to have a balanced spread of units, but you can opt for a more straightforward approach if that is your thing. Download and play Stick War: Legacy on your PC for free!