How to Survive Endless Deads Zombie Mode on Stick War: Legacy

Stick War Legacy Zombie Mode


Endless Deads is the latest game mode in Stick War: Legacy. The objective of this game mode is to survive as many nights as you can by fending off the undead zombie horde from routing your army and destroying your Statue. The more nights you survive, the more powerful zombies become! So you have to be very careful about what you spend your resources on since one wrong move can cost you and your army’s lives!

The zombies typically swarm you and your Statue in waves. You start with two miners—an Archidon, a Swordwrath with a silver sword, and Atreyos who is a Spearton. You have to make sure your Miners are gathering resources while your other units are on high alert and ready to thwart the incoming zombie horde.

Each night you survive, you get a couple of seconds of respite to bolster your forces or buy weapon upgrades. In between these nights, it is best to check which units you need. Do you feel like you need more Miners to gather more gold? Or do you feel like your army is lacking in attack power? Once you’ve determined what your army needs, buy the necessary units or upgrades before the next zombie wave comes!

Atreyos is a good unit to dispatch the zombies in the early to mid-levels. Make the most of his damage and tankiness to have your Miners gather as many resources as they can. If you feel like you can handle the zombies with Atreyos, you can train Archidons to provide cover fire.

Stick War Legacy Zombie


Upgrade Your Resources Constantly

Around Night 50, you need to look into training more tanky units since the zombie waves ramp up in their damage and numbers. Try the different upgrades and power-ups as well to buff your units’ defenses and offensive power. You can also upgrade your Statue to have it attack zombies that manage to breach your defenses. But it is best to bolster your units more than your base since you can use your units to push the zombies back to their side of the map.

Eventually, the zombies will summon different variants to attack your army. Apart from durable crawling ones, you will come across zombies that throw projectiles, and ultimately, you will face off against Zombie Boss. If you manage to defeat the Zombie Boss, it means that your army is the strongest force in the game!

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