Stick War Guide – Strategy To Winning The Game

Stick figure games were always so dull, and these were considered elementary games. But did you know that Max Games Studio created a stick figure game that you can never resist? It’s called Stick War: Legacy, and it is jam-packed with all the action and adventure. It’s unlike your ordinary stickman games because here, you get to become a commander of powerful stickmen.

And their roles vary, such as miners, swordsmen, archers, mages, and so much more. Your ultimate goal is to destroy the statue of your enemy to win. Stick War: Legacy also has some tower defense elements because you also need to defend your base from your enemy’s counterattacks.

So you need to develop an unbeatable strategy that could make them say sorry. Capture territories and unlock more army units as you become the frontrunner of this stick figure game. There are many Mission modes to discover, or you can dive right into the Campaign mode, where you experience the action and fun right away.

Wear your favorite skins to give your stick man figure a personality too. So check out this amazing stick war guide that we curated just for you!

Get into Stick Man Action with this Guide

We have listed some of the most exciting and killer tips that beginners will enjoy. That’s why you need to check this stick war strategy guide out to help you become a pro strategist in Stick War: Legacy.

Your First Priority Should Always be Gold

Gold is seen as the primary in-game currency in Stick War: Legacy. So you should focus on earning enough gold because you will use this to train enough units. These units will be protecting your base from enemy attacks, and they will initiate the attacks to your enemy’s base too.


StickWar Legacy Game


The men responsible for creating gold are your miners, so you need to have two to three mines. And once the battle is heating up, increase to three to four mines to ensure that you have a steady flow of gold coming in.

Know When’s the Best Time to Attack

If you follow the tutorial, you’ll soon realize that sending your two men off is a big mistake on all levels. That’s because it only works when they are fair game in all units. Instead, what you need to do is to wait until you’ve got ten to 12 units created. It applies to all levels. Most of the time, you’ll go on defensive mode when the enemy sends an army of their stickmen. But if you’re able to form ten to 12 units, you can immediately send them off to crack the enemy’s statue.

Choose a Balanced Mix of Units

In every battle, you need to ensure that you have a balanced mix of units. That applies to both defensive and attack mode. You need to balance melee fighters, such as the Swordsmen, Speartons, and more. You should also have ranged fighters, such as Archers, Mages, etc. Choose the best formation when you’re preparing for an attack. The ones at the front should be able to soak up all the damage while dealing damage to the enemies. The ranged fighters have to be at the back to take care of the enemies without getting damaged.

Know When to Retreat

Remember that your melee fighters are not immortal, so they will start dwindling even if you manage to crack your enemy’s statue. So in cases like these, you don’t want to stick it out and see what happens. You need to retreat your army and train more units to replenish your lost men.

Stick War Legacy PC


You don’t want your enemy to try and crack your ranged units since these are more expensive to replenish compared to melee characters. So it’s better to be safe than sorry and retreat when needed by your team.

Use Your Internet & Watch Those Ads

When you’re playing Stick War: Legacy, it pays to be connected to the internet because you can watch the ads and get more rewards. Plus, these ads are not annoying, unlike other games that will pop up after every little thing you do in the game. With Stick War: Legacy, you can double the gems that you earn after you watch an ad. But it only applies when you win the level. Gems are the premium currency in Stick War, so you may want to earn more of these to buy some more spells.

What Your Armory Needs

Aside from the gems, you also get to earn upgrade points.  You can use these to improve your units. But you need to focus on upgrading both your melee and ranged units since they are the primary focus in every battle. You will want your ranged units to be as sharp as possible to kill more enemies from afar.

Stick War Legacy Bottom-line

Now that you have some of the exclusive and killer tips, you can now become a pro! Make sure to check out this article every time you forget what to do because we have some of the answers you might be looking for!