Stick War: Legacy Guide To Absolute Victory

Stick War: Legacy is one of the most exciting and challenging stickman titles in the gaming community. It boasts action-packed animations on top of minimalistic graphics. You can form your army or use a single unit against hundreds. You can even fight hordes of mindless zombies! Learn the art of battle and command your fighters, magicians, and even monstrous giants to stickman glory! As fun and exciting as this game is, it can be quite frustrating when you keep losing. So if you want to gain an edge on the battlefield, then read up some of the helpful tips below.

Gold Makes The War Go Round

Gold is the currency needed to train units in this game. Your army won’t be motivated to march to glory and victory if they aren’t compensated. And a hefty sum of gold can turn their sour faces into intimidating battle cries. Like any minerals, you need to gather gold from the mines. That’s where your miners come in. Their specific task is to dig through the mines and bring home some precious gold. Once you have enough, you can then train your first batch of stickman warriors. They’ll attack and defend you at your command.

It’s important to prioritize mining gold the moment you start your mission. Put two or three miners to work as early as possible. Then train some units like the basic swordsmen and archers. When you reach mid-game and have a sizable army, you can train two more miners. It’s enough to have a maximum of four hardworking gold diggers to give you a steady supply of the precious rocks. You can then continuously train more units to keep the pressure on the opposing army. You can also take this opportunity to upgrade your structures and build more advanced units.

Stick War Legacy PC

Plan Your Attack as You Form Your Units

The next topic is forming your stickman army. Simply training random units willy-nilly is a fool’s errand. You won’t be able to win battles that way. A wise commander knows that having a balanced army is the key to victory. That means you need to strategize how many melee and ranged fighters you need. It’s important to consider that for both attacking enemy forces and defending your base. If you’re unsure how to balance things up, then take note of the basic rules of field warfare. Your Swordwraths, Speartons, and Archidons have respective roles to fulfill.

Generally speaking, your melee fighters are your front-liners. They are your first line of offense and defense. They will be the first units to take enemy fire and hold the line in battle. If they have no support, they will suffer heavy casualties and would get wiped out completely. This is where your ranged units will come in. They will be the ones to provide back-up offensive support for your frontline army. They will fire against enemies from behind the melee fighters providing additional firepower. This will allow you to push through the enemy’s defenses eventually leading you to victory.

Stick War Legacy Guide

Spend Your Limited Resources Wisely

Aside from forming the proper army, you’ll need to upgrade your units so they can take on greater challenges. You’ll earn upgrade points when you successfully complete a mission. You can use points to level up your favorite units in the game. However, a wise officer would prioritize his ranged units and defenses first. True victory in war only matters if you survive the ordeal. Upgrading your ranged units would mean they can make quick work of enemies from afar. This will allow your melee fighters to push against the enemy faster and they could destroy the enemy statue sooner.

Having tougher defenses would make it harder for your opponents to breach your statue. Giving you time to plan a counter-attack and turn the tides of battle in your favor. Sticking to one upgrade strategy is also ill-advisable. Some battles can’t be won through attrition. If you can spare some points, then try upgrading other offensive units like the Giants or your Swordwraths. Knowing when and where to spend your upgrades can increase your odds of winning on the battlefield. So think long and hard about what you want to do as you build your reputation in Stick War: Legacy.

Lastly, you can earn gems and use them to buy rare spells for greater advantage. Be cautious in spending them as gems are harder to come by than gold. You might be tempted to buy every scroll available but that could only serve to bring you to ruin. Save up your gems for the more expensive and formidable spells. Then only use them during tough situations. So that’s about it for our battle tips in Stick War: Legacy. Apply your newfound knowledge on the battlefield when you log in on your PC!