Stick War: Legacy – What to Know About Patch 2020.2.153

Stick War: Legacy gets a major update in time for 2021 with new rewards per difficulty level, a new map style, the latest missions, and improved visuals. It may be an old game, but the gameplay remains fun, chaotic, and loads of non-stop action. If you still stick with the Stick after all these years, the new patch 2020.2.153 update will surely make you happy. Read more below.


Stick War: Legacy Gameplay


Stick War: Legacy New Patch Updates

There are only a few yet very notable features that Stick War: Legacy receives in 2020.2.153. Perhaps one of the most anticipated maps is finally arriving in Stick War, namely the Saga style map. What makes this different is the grander scale of the map, giving you a larger range of adventure throughout the land.

The devs also consider it as the most difficult map for the players. It’s mainly because battles will become more frequent with double the number of enemy units and epic monsters. If this seems up to your sleeve or if you think the other map styles have become too easy for you now, the Saga style will keep your eyes open for random enemy encounters.

Another big addition is the Missions Mode. In this mode, you have specific objectives to complete besides growing your army. Some may include destroying statues, killing specific monsters, and gaining gold at a specific number. Besides that, the missions will gradually get more challenging the longer you play and the bigger your army. Furthermore, new missions will be released every Friday.

The new Crown system will also put every difficulty in motion. Simply said, the more difficult your game, the more crowns you get. Furthermore, you can use these crowns to get better units, more buffs, and better utilities. Aside from that, you can choose your difficulty from Normal, Hard, or Insane. Normal will give a 1.0x rate for crowns, Hard will provide a 1.5x multiplier rate, and Insane will bring a 2.0x multiplier (IF you can survive Insane).

New Game Types

One of the biggest additions in Stick War: Legacy is the new game types. These include winning before sunset, triple barricaded gold, forwarding statues, defeating specific bosses, and deathmatch. These will all provide quite a challenge for any player since these game modes have specific winning conditions along with some filters and restrictions on specific building and unit types.


Stick War: Legacy Game


Improved Gameplay & Visuals

Stick War: Legacy will also have an immersive overhaul to bring in better visuals for you. Ever wondered why the arrows just disintegrate if they ever stick on a unit? Well, now they will permanently stay on even if the unit is killed.

Adding to the arrow display is the much-improved blood and gore effects, giving the game a more violent action than how it already is. Moreover, units that take damage will also take a new gory turn as they will react based on the body part that was hurt. For example, if a unit gets slashed on the leg, they will get crippled and left crawling. If an arrow hits the head, they would agonize in pain. These small details will create a huge impact on the decade-old game.

Chaos Spells

Among the newest features is the chaos spells. You can use these spells to either help you in battle or for utility purposes. Currently, there are three chaos spells that you can use. One is to raise gold mines in case you want to farm for even more gold, summon Chaos units, which are more damaging versions of the foot soldiers, and summon lightning bolts, which are great for destroying large groups of enemies or for taking out a huge portion of a giant boss.

How Stick War: Legacy is Still Alive

Even after the death of flash games and the migration of players from web games, Stick War: Legacy managed to remain relevant for over more than a decade. Thanks to a dedicated dev team that keeps on adding updates and many quality of life changes, many players remain loyal to the game.

However, one of the most important aspects of why they still keep on going is its free-to-play experience. Not only is Stick War: Legacy an F2P game, but it also never implements pay to win items. Ultimately, it is a total war experience that no other stickman game has ever come near.

If you want to experience the excitement that this F2P game provides, play Stick War: Legacy on your PC now. You can also check out our how to play guide for those who are still new to the game.