Stick War: Legacy Exciting New Game Features & Updates

Stick War: Legacy has been one of the most popular games that you can play endlessly since its release in 2016. It is fun and challenging because you can control your army or each stickman in destroying the enemies. The graphics are cool and people also love the way the game was created. There are a lot of things you can do in Stick War: Legacy such as building units and mining gold. Ultimately, it is an entertaining game that players get hooked on playing every single day.

The setting of the game is the world called Inamorta. Here, every nation has its own rules and strategy for protecting its own army. Then, you will lead one nation called “Order” which simply pertains to a land of peace and incredible knowledge. Unlike the other nations, Order does not turn to weapons as their gods. So other nations believe this is your weak point and try to infiltrate your land. Finally, the battle begins.

This strategy game has interesting features that keep everyone engaged. There is the Classic Campaign mode, which has six bonus levels you can try. There is also the endless zombie survival mode where your goal is simply to survive every challenge. If you are up battling against some AI challengers, then go ahead and win the Crown of Inamorta by joining the tournament mode.


Stick War: Legacy Gameplay


Stick War: Legacy, like other strategy games, also has different skins for your characters. So as you go along and progress into the game, you then unlock some weapons and unique armors. What’s amazing about this game is that it has some new cool features added to entertain more players. Read its gameplay manual to know how to play the game and read further on this page to know its new updates!

New Levels Every Friday in Stick War: Legacy

If you want something new to look forward to in this game, wait every Friday as new levels are regularly released. Although this doesn’t mean everything will be easy–because it definitely won’t be! New levels mean new challenges that may tease your brain even more. This is called the Missions Mode in which you need to accomplish some tasks before you carry on to the next one.

Some of the popular missions as of present are:

  • Survive the attack at sunrise
  • Destroy the enemy statue
  • Survive the attack at sunset
  • Survive until sunset
  • Destroy the enemy statue before sunset
  • Survive the night
  • Survive the wave of deads
  • Gold rush
  • Protect Order’s King of Inamorta
  • Three barricades

Skins for Every Character

All characters get to have new skins up for grabs as well in Stick War: Legacy. Ice skins are available and the function is to keep your enemies frozen and move slow. There are also the leaf skins in which units can move quickly. For those who want to increase their agility and attack speed, the savage skins are perfect for them. This will unleash the magical beasts from within.

Aside from that, you may try on the lava skins which can cause some burn damage to your enemies. Vamp skins on the other hand are believed to be forged by the dark side of Inamorta. The function of such skin is to incur damage and poison immunity. These skins have different attributes and bonuses so pick the one that will be advantageous to your strategy.

Stick War: Legacy Achievement System Update

Regarded as a game mechanic in the game, there are 45 achievements currently that give different gem rewards. The first few on the list are rather easy to accomplish as compared to the latter ones that are challenging. Aside from that, a saga-style map is available for players who love to grind. It also gives various rewards once finished.

New Attacks & Game Modes

Stick War: Legacy already has effective attacks that you can use while fighting enemies. But with the new update, arrows are now very powerful as they stick into all of the units. Unit formations are much more improved as well as the Archidon bow aim. Another one is the Golden Spearton which showcases better health, faster attacks, and a greater amount of damage. It has better stats compared to normal or regular speartons. Moreover, it is the only spell that produces different sounds when deployed in the game.


Stick War: Legacy Gameplay 2


As for the additional game modes, check out deathmatch, triple barricaded gold, forward statue, win before sunset, and more. Every mode just gets more exciting every time so make sure to try the game. Crowns are unlocked each time you win for the different difficulty levels such as normal, hard, or insane.

A lot is in store for you if you decide to play Stick War: Legacy on your PC. To experience the game first hand, be sure to download the game into your desktop PC today and help protect Order from being infiltrated by the dark side.