Stick War Legacy PC: New Saga Style Maps and Chaos Spells

For those new to the game, Stick War Legacy is a tower-defense strategy title featuring the iconic Stickman for characters. The 4-year-old game hails from the studios of Max Games, the sole developer and publisher of the game. Since its inception in 2016, Stick War Legacy managed to grow its player base from 100,000 to over 100 million in 2020.

The main selling point of Stick War Legacy comes from its subtle design and user-friendly controls that allow players of all ages to learn the game in seconds. On top of the essential elements is the continuous support from its developer Max Games whose team tirelessly creates new content for the game.

The last few Stick War Legacy updates come with new features that make the game even better. Let’s take a quick overview of the patch notes that contains the unique features of the game.


Stickwar Legacy Game


Stick War  Legacy New Game Updates

Listed below are the following updates of the stick war legacy. See the latest game improvements.

Version 2020.2.153

These version  includes the following new chaos spells in the game. These includes:

  • Rain down lighting
  • A spell that can summon various chaos units
  • Includes magic that can heal all unites
  • A spell that can raise Gold mines
  • A total of 9 New spells are up for grabs.
  • This version also includes a new mission called to protect the King.

Version 2020.2.77

This version comes with new abilities and animations, some of which are listed below:

  • The Spartan now has a new Headbutt ability. To Trigger the ability, you need to execute a semi-circle followed by a block button.
  • A new knockdown animation is also included in this update.
  • A new transition to standing animations for Speartons.
  • The Archons can now aim higher on enemies that will allow you to achieve more headshots.

Version 2020.2.66

  • A new Archidon Aiming method is now available.
  • This version also allows for faster level loading.

Version 2020.2.49 (Oct 28, 2020)

This version will introduce the new Missions Mode. Also, there will be two levels will be released for this new mode every week 2. This part also allows arrows to stay stuck into units. Look down for more details.

  • Brings a whole new Improvement to blood effects.
  • Experience an upgrade in taking damage animations
  • New development to army formations.
  • This version also brings improvement that allows for better Archidon aiming.
  • Version 2020.2.49 adds a new Endless Dead Play and End Screen.
  • Enables players to add a New Select modes Screen.
  • Shows improvement to menus throughout the game now with faster loading.


Stickwar Legacy Game Modes


The patch notes above come from three of the latest Stick War: Legacy updates. As you may have noticed, the updates bring more than just the usual bug fixes and adjustments. The latest updates contained aesthetic improvements along with new features purposely developed for the upcoming year. Max Games’ move is a strategy common to most free-to-play games for them to compete and maintain their player base.

With that said, some of the most essential takeaways from the latest updates include the new mission mode. The game will receive two new missions each week, which for the most part, is a great way to keep the game fresh and engaging for its colossal community of players from across the globe. The new spells, animation improvements, and special effects are also worth noting in addition to the mission mode.

One of the aesthetics, in particular, is the special effect that allows arrows to stay stuck to the units. Not to mention that the game also now has improved blood effects. These new elements and improvements may not be that much. Still, for a modest game like Stick War: Legacy, these additions make the game even more engaging, not to mention immersive compared to the previous versions.

Stick War Legacy: Playing the Game

To that end, if you are new to the Stick War: Legacy then, expect a new type of tower defense game to try out. On the other hand, for veteran players, the new elements and improvements in the game will result in a whole unique experience of the classic title. Besides, if you have been playing this title on mobile and have yet to experience the game on a bigger screen, then now is the time to have this iconic game installed on your PC.

But, if you’re still new on how the gameplay works, then why not look into this how to play guide to start your adventure. Enjoy Stick War: Legacy free on your PC, and do not forget to share this fantastic game with your friends and fellow strategy game enthusiasts.